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Soaker Pads were manufactured by ‘Woodhams’ in the 1990’s and early 2000’s however the old business struggled to meet the strict criteria to supply changing markets and compliance and consequently withdrew from this product category. Fortunately, A P Woodham (2013) Ltd retained the Plant and in August 2017 demand was created once again following the demise of a key supplier to the meat industry and allied food manufacturers. With Plant at hand and sufficient resources, the machinery was refurbished to ensure that the volumes and compliance could be met. By January 2108 demand for several markets were being met, once again. Typically, Soaker Pad is constructed with a three or four ply towel and laminated to a 28 micron film. Film can be provided in any colour. Custom sheeting and guillotine processing allows for size ranges from 10cm to over 2 metres. Soaker Pads are used in many industries for absorbent and packaging purposes. A purpose built area to house our plant to meet strict food safety requirements was built in January 2018 and product is processed to the strictest food quality standards.