Back in 2013 Ashley Fraser and Brian Francis were running the ‘show’ at A P Woodham Ltd however the business was at crossroads following the global print and packaging market ‘shrink’ in New Zealand. With a fair amount of vision, Ashley and Brian acquired the business assets and A P Woodham (2013) Ltd commenced. In 2013 they embarked on their vision to create a strong Print and Packaging business with Integrity at the centre of their mission. Today, the business is respected for its flexibility, unique processes and delivery of quality ‘on time’. Brian believes that culture and their people are the essence of success and today their family values are a key part of the business.

Over 5 plus years and a lot of hard work, the business stabilised and grew substantially within its core print and packaging products and a strong entity has arisen employing 15 staff and supplying some leading New Zealand businesses such as Winstone Wallboards, Goodman Fielder and Air New Zealand. Ashley and Brian see the business today as fulfilling a number of niche print and packaging options that large manufacturers cannot service. In fact, a collaborative approach has resulted in a number of jobs been handed to their business and with a few old fashioned principles of quality, service and integrity, A P Woodham is perfectly poised to supply the small, medium (and sometimes large) print and packaging user.