AP Woodham is made up for 5 core components.

Whatever your print requirement, the process is easy and our team will ‘walk’ you through. Basically, you will need a design (PDF preferably) and an idea and from there the solution begins. We can supply a range of food grade papers that are bio degradable / compostable to suit. We will provide pricing for your volume requirements, Prepress and plates based upon your design. We can sheet, Die Cut or supply in roll form.


Soaker Pad

We produce Soaker Pad sheeted product for use as absorbent materials in food processing and other related uses. Typically we supply sheeted product to the meat industry for wrapping lamb product for export. Sheets can be made to customers sizing and thickness. Most Soaker Pad product is 4 ply paper and 1 ply Poly film. Biodegradable material is now available also and enquiries welcome. There are numerous other uses for Soaker Pad such as Coffin liners, drop sheets, fruit and meat tray liners. All product is manufactured under strict Food Safety guidelines at our St Johns, Auckland site. Soaker pad wraps, inserts and liners are produced for Horticultural, Agricultral, Food and industrial users.


Coverseals and Diecutting

We process 12 million Cover Seals per annum for use in Margerine and Butter containers. Vegetable Parchment materials are sourced from Swedish Mills for this purpose. We supply both local and export markets to custom sizes and specification. Material is sheeted and Die Cut. Tooling is produced locally.


Printed Products

Our Flexographic print process provides many options to the food, café, retail and industrial users in terms of reel and sheeted product. Small runs from 50kg to large runs of 1000kg or more can be accommodated on our three Flexo machines. Typically we supply Food wraps, Burger Wraps, Coin wraps, Pie wraps and promotional Banner wraps. Primarily we print 1, 2 and 3 colours and 90% using ‘compostable’ paper products. Specialised Grease Proof and food grade paper is used for all food wrap products. We can also discuss printing on certain Poly and BOPP film grades.


Waxed Products

Our wax coating plant provides a range of food packaging to the meat and confectionery industries as well as a few industrial applications. We process approximately 10,000,000 Pattie Papers and meat liners per month in Die Cut, sheeted or reel form. All materials used come with FDA certification and we work to strict HACCP standards. Printed confectionery wraps and printed waxed inserts are also part of this product group.


Slitting, Sheeting and Rewinding

We provide a slitting and rewinding service for most substrates from 15 micron (Film PET ETC) and Paper from 20GSM and up to 1.5 metre roll width.  All jobs can be processed under HACCP compliant conditions, re packaged and shipped anywhere within New Zealand.  To discuss any individual requirement, contact Ashley or Brian.