1. What kind of packaging products do you provide?

We can supply a wide range of food-grade papers that are biodegradable. Our products include soaker pad, cover seals and die cuts, flexographic printed products, waxed products, and many more.

2. What is your lead time for a printed job? 

At AP Woodham, we boast ourselves for producing top-quality food packaging despite the tight deadline. Once we have received your approval for artwork we can be underway within a couple of days. 

3. Do your food packaging materials meet food safety standards? 

Yes, we do. Our papers and food packaging materials follow a Food Safety programme throughout our operation. We can supply MSDS sheets and quality tracing for all our processes. 

4. I’d like to do my part for the environment through my business. Can you help me with my packaging needs?

Yes, we can! In fact, around 95% of packaging products use food-grade paper that are sourced from European mills. On the other hand, we use water-based inks in processing all of our products.

5. Do you offer custom packaging?

Whether you are in the food or retail business, AP Woodham can provide you with customized food packaging or promotional banner wraps in one, two, or three colours using “compostable” paper products.